Here are a few of Leslie's former and current students and what they (or their parents) had to say about their dance training with her.

Lauren Thomas
Freelance Artist and Dance Instructor (pictured at left, and at top of homepage, far left)
  ​“Mrs. Durand nurtured my love for art and passionfor movement from an early age.  She is responsible for not only the solid foundation on which I built my dance career, but also the strong roots that allowed my creative capabilities to flourish throughout the years.  I credit Mrs. Durand with my success as a freelance artist, with the depth of her knowledge of dance as well as her genuinely caring nature.”
Cindy Roper
Mother of Samantha Roper (pictured at left, and at top of homepage, far right)
 “You gave Samantha such a beautiful foundation to do all of the things that she's been successful with in the dance world. In fact she was just hired by Disneyland to perform in their new 60th anniversary parade. She had to audition with over 800 people!     
Kevin Smith
Educator and Father of Hannah Smith, dancer (pictured, far left)
"Leslie Durand is a 'dance parent's dream' instructor/studio owner. Our daughter, Hannah (now 21), was fortunate to get her start in the world of dance with Leslie here in Southern California. Hannah danced at an elite level for many years, thanks in no small part to adherence to strong foundational principles begun with 'Ms. Leslie.' Leslie’s classes (in all dance genres) were the perfect blend of organization, discipline, rigor, individual attention, and fun (and the recitals were a blast!). As a teacher, she was demanding yet calm, caring, and genuine with her students. Leslie’s courteous, approachable style was something we greatly cherished during Hannah’s time under her tutelage."
...Current Dance Parents
Thank you for your wonderful teaching and the love and patience you show as well as the confidence you help instill. You are amazing and Evie adores you!

- Liz, Mother of Evie (age 4)

You did a fantastic job with the girls, the show was excellent. I thought the girls did such a great job, and their moves were pretty advanced…

- Alaina, Mother of Cadence (age 4)

I would just like to say that Patrick and I appreciate the time and patience that you have taken with Alice.  I know she can be a handful, but I can see a huge difference in her from when she first started dancing with you [in August] to this December show.  I look forward to see how she will develop more with you over the next few months.  I can't say enough about how much we appreciate you and will be recommending you to our friends.  We actually have a friend that will be enrolling her daughter in the [3-year-old] class with Alice…Good news is she doesn't have as much energy as Alice ;)

Marla and Patrick (parents of Alice, 3)

We were thrilled and so proud to see [son Max] and all the kids perform so well! He's actually having fun and becoming interested in ballet under your instruction, whereas our past experience [with other studios]
has been that he's, well, just not that into it…

--Stephanie (mother of Max, 7)

THANK YOU for such a wonderful dance recital. The class did great and your hard work and attention to detail really showed.  
Thank you so much for being such a great teacher…

-Maureen (mother of Allison, 6)