2018-2019 DRESS CODE

Please note:  Leslie's (Western Wake Dance) classes have a different dress requirement than other instructors' dance classes (which are also in the Holly Springs Cultural Center and the Hunt Recreation Centers). Ballet class leotards have all changed from last year.  Ballet I, Ballet II and Ballet III classes class have a specific class leotard that should be worn every class. 

Class leotards create a disciplined and focused atmosphere that is an important feature of a classical ballet class; these have been selected with quality and economy in mind.

Ballet and Preschool Classes


Jazz dancers may wear any color or style leotard, biketard and tan convertible tights (which may be worn footed, or rolled up to the ankle), or jazz pants, and jazz shoes.  Jazz shorts are allowed.  
Hair should be pulled back from the face. 

Click here for a suggested jazz shoe (TAN color). Jazz shoes are REQUIRED for class and dance recitals.
 Ballet I, Ballet II and Ballet III must wear the class leotard to every class (see links in green, below), with clean, unripped pink tights and clean ballet shoes.  A matching short chiffon skirt is optional for class. (No T-shirts, please). Hair should be pulled back from the face for preschool classes and in a bun for all Ballet classes. (Click here for a video on how to make a ballet bun)
(in PINK). Matching skirts are fine!  Any similar light pink leotard or dance dress
is also acceptable.

Ballet IV/Pointe-Pre-Pointe  (Friday 5:30-7:00pm): Leslie will special order your leotard (a Navy High-Neck Cross Strap Leotard).  Please email or see her for details.

BALLET SHOES: GIRLS:  Any pink leather or canvas ballet shoes (full-sole or split-sole); must be CLEAN for recitals.  (NO SATIN SLIPPERS, PLEASE). BOYS:  Black ballet shoes.  Click here for a suggested economy ballet shoe.

Boys should wear a fitted white T-shirt and black shorts, bike shorts or leggings with white socks.



Tumblers in Tumbling I through Tumbling IV should wear a leotard or biketard, and bare legs or convertible tights (with the feet pulled up to the ankles).  Shorts are optional. Bare feet are best! Gymnastics slippers are allowed but not necessary.  Hair should be secured in a low ponytail or braids. (high ponytails may be uncomfortable for front and back rolls). Please, no baggy T-shirts: These fall down when the student is upside down and are more difficult to "spot" (hold the student while assisting with a tumbling skill).  Boys:  A close-fitting T-shirt or athletic shirt and shorts are best.

Tap Shoes

For girls, Leslie recommends  Theatricals brand Child Velcro Tap Shoes in Tan from Discount Dance Supply  in TAN (Item no. 9050C).   For sizes larger than 13.5 child, you may want to consider this style (please note the size chart advises ordering 2 sizes larger than street shoe size).

Boys should wear black oxford tap shoes (boys' tap shoes may be black for the recital as well). Click here for an economy pair.

Alternatively, Relevé Dancewear in Cary carries high-quality tap shoes.

Students may wear any color or brand tap shoes in class, but TAN tap shoes are required for the spring recital (except for boys, who may wear their black oxford tap shoes).